Black Light Miniature Golf Courses

Black Light Miniature Golf Courses are the newest rage in the Mini Golf industry. There are many options when choosing a Black Light Mini Golf Course. They bring a new dimension to the Miniature Golf Course Experience. Under the Ultraviolet Light (Black Light) depth perception changes and watching the ball move around on the putting surface where it bounces off brightly painted railings and moves closer to the hole that might be glowing a different color under the lights is exciting.

Themes can be as varied as the imagination of the Miniature Golf Courses owner and designer.

  • Our traditional obstacles are painted with fluorescent paint that
    glows in the dark with a black light.
  • The rails that hold the balls in play, tee areas and cups are painted various colors with fluorescent paint to add to the Glow in the Dark theme.
  • Optional carpet patterns to choose from.
Quality Black light Mini Golf Course Construction
Professional Black light Mini Golf Course Installation

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