The World's Oldest and Largest Designers and Builders of Miniature Golf Courses

Miniature golf or Mini Golf is not only excellent entertainment for the entire family, it is a low cost, big profit business that is booming and gaining popularity daily. An entire family can have hours of fun for less than the cost of a night out at the movies.

With over 65 years of experience, Lomma Enterprises, Inc. created the first pre-fabricated miniature golf course available in the industry, no one else can make this claim! Consequently, we are the oldest, largest, and best source for increasing your cash flow one golfer at a time.

We not only specialize in indoor and outdoor putt-putt courses, we also offer design services for both upscale and turnkey solutions for all your miniature golfing needs, with waterfalls, caves, ponds, creeks, mountains, and more. Unlimited Design possibilities, Ease of Installation and a large variety of obstacles to choose from make Lomma Championship Miniature Golf Courses the only choice.

We have a variety of investments to fit almost any budget. We have Miniature Golf Courses for Sale for the tight budget or if you are looking for the Ultimate Miniature Golf Course for Sale, we can design and built it for you. Take a look through our site and then contact us for more information about our Miniature Golf Course Design, Miniature Golf Course Construction and Miniature Golf Course Installation.

The World's Oldest and Largest Designers and builders of Miniature Golf Courses
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